12 thoughts on “Bound – Short Film

      1. Lol… speaking of such, have you ever met someone and then right away forgot you met them, and only a short while passed before you saw them again, but you couldn’t remember meeting them, and so you reintroduced yourself all over again, and then felt like an idiot when they pointed out that you had actually just met in recent days? Well, it did actually happen to me, but it was while meeting about 200 people all at once, and so I don’t think it actually counts as really meeting them because surely if you’re meeting that many people all at once, how can you be expected to remember all of them? Lol… 😉

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      2. Lol… so you can relate! 😉 I was at one of my daughter’s weddings. I have 4 daughters and the oldest 2 are in their early 20’s and recently married.

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      3. Thanks… its been a little over a year now. One lives in Florida, and the other just moved to Illinois, but she was living in California. And I live in Wisconsin, so yes… we’re all spread apart. I’m from California and that’s where the majority of my family still lives. How about you? Do you live near your family?

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      4. Well, at least that’s an excuse to travel and see different places 🙂 I’m from Dublin, Ireland, and I’m living in Vancouver, so I don’t see family very often – once, maybe twice a year.

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