A Day Like Today – Feature Film


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I wrote A Day Like Today after filmmaker Gerard Walsh – with whom I’d worked on short films – asked me to bring to life a simple story he had in mind.

The result was an intimate, original film that doesn’t shy away from its low budget, but rather embraces it, as the material seeks out real-life scenes and aims to capture everyday life in Dublin for two strangers whose encounter gives them hope that today might actually be a little different.


“A touching picture that presents us with an earnest updating of a oft-overlooked movie formula.” – Dublin Inquirer. Read full review.

“Visually beautiful and thought provoking – 8.5/10.” – Reviewed.ie. Read full review.

“A thoughtfully paced, sensitive script, and direction that breathes an intimate sensibility into the arc of the story.” – Film Ireland. Read full review.

View the trailer for my debut feature film ‘A Day Like Today’.


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