Bound (2013) follows an unemployed amateur boxer in a Dublin still reeling from the 2008 global financial crises.

It all started with access to a boxing ring. We had access to one, so why not make a boxing drama? Seemed to make sense! A major part of the film which isn’t exactly present in the trailer is the protagonist’s relationship with his ill father, and a death in the family which both are still coming to terms with. The ring is an escape for our boxer (played by Paul Dodd); not much else. Struggling to find work in a Dublin still feeling from the effects of the Great Recession, he finds his way back into the sport in an attempt to bring some stability to his life, but his coach (Patrick Molloy) has other ideas.

“It’s clear that everyone involved had a clear artistic vision, elevating Bound beyond a cliche-riddled boxing film into something much more personal — and vulnerable.”               – MovieBabbleRead full review.

View the trailer for Bound.

Watch Bound now.

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