“Do you ever question the decisions you’ve made – how your life has turned out?

Henry does. He questions a lot of things, be it his job, the plays he writes, or his relationship with Sadie. When he decides it’s time to address these doubts and take action, things don’t go exactly as planned.

Cue a series of events that lead both Henry and Sadie to examine their past, their future, their goals, their responsibilities, and a nagging question: what is happiness, anyway?

The debut novel by screenwriter S.J. Coules (A Day Like Today), Leaving Sadie is a tale of love, family, friendship, the arts, and ambition in the tumultuous 21st century.”

My debut novel Leaving Sadie is released this summer, 2018. A release date will be announced soon, along with details on where you can get a copy of the book.

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