Leaving Sadie – A Novel


Leaving_Sadie_Final_NEW-01Do you ever question the decisions you’ve made – how your life has turned out?

Henry does. He questions a lot of things, be it his job, the plays he writes, his smoking habit, or – more importantly – his relationship with Sadie. When he decides it’s time to address the latter and take action, things don’t go exactly as planned.

He seeks refuge in his work (cue smoking), and in the company of the mercurial Oscar-winning actor Miller Moore, who’s set to star in Henry’s next play – if he’s sober enough to put a coherent sentence together. But Henry’s thoughts regularly return to Sadie, who’s dealing with a family crisis and a potential job offer that could move her across the country.

For Henry, leaving is always a possibility; be it a thought deep in the back of his mind, or a word right on the tip of his tongue. But little does he know, he’s not the only one contemplating taking off.

The debut novel by screenwriter S.J. Coules (A Day Like Today), Leaving Sadie is a tale of love, family, friendship, the arts, and ambition in the unpredictable 21st century.

Coming soon.

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