American. Porn Star. President.

On the surface Lukas Lazaruk is living the American Dream: Beautiful wife, brilliant child, palatial home in an idyllic suburb, enviable job writing for one of the biggest magazines in the country. But he’s also a porn addict whose marriage is on the verge of collapse, and whose abilities as a father are questionable to say the least.

As he prepares for his upcoming interview with legendary adult performer Alfie B. Lee, a local murder plunges an increasingly vulnerable Lukas further into the underbelly of American life—which  happens to stretch all the way to the White House.

American. Porn Star. President. is an unflinching portraiture of the darker sides of American life and the human psyche; a satirical story permeated with humour, art, lechery and . . . miniature camels. This is a novel that’s as explosive, grotesque, absurd, and entertaining as any electoral campaign.

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Leaving Sadie


Leaving_Sadie_Final_NEW-01“Wildly charismatic and deeply funny . . . Wonderful and eccentric characters get tied up in an adventure of lost love, finding yourself and the mysterious mind of a playwright. Coules has a great gift for storytelling.”

– Ellie O’Neill, bestselling
author of Reluctantly Charmed


Henry Sears is a thirtysomething who’s found himself in the midst of a crisis: From his failing ambitions as a playwright to his floundering relationship with girlfriend Sadie Cohen, things aren’t exactly going as planned. When he decides it’s time to address the latter, he’s left both surprised and somewhat shattered.

He seeks refuge in his latest play, and in the company of bookstore-stalker Ezra Cooper and mercurial Oscar-winning actor Miller Moore, the latter who’s set to star in Henry’s play — if he’s sober enough to put a coherent sentence together.

What follows involves relationship flashbacks in the form of movie scenes, a murder plot, paranoia, dramaturgical disaster, and hopes of reconciliation.

The debut novel by screenwriter S.J. Coules (A Day Like Today) Leaving Sadie is a tale of love, family, friendship, and ambition in the 21st century; a fun and funny story that’s comparable to the works High Fidelity, Franny and Zooey, and Hannah and Her Sisters.

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