Hero Chukowski

Tired of superheroes?

So is jaded, politically incorrect movie critic Walter Chukowski. When he’s summoned by billionaire movie producer Eleanor Rousseau, the seventy year old is presented with an opportunity that could change the face of Hollywood, and keep him out of the retirement home for at least another few years.

Hero Chukowski is a sharp-tongued, boisterous, unforgettable ride through an American culture saturated with spandex and special effects.

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Photo courtesy of Denisse Leon on Unsplash.

American. Porn Star. President.

On the surface Lukas Lazaruk is living the American Dream: Beautiful wife, brilliant child, palatial home in an idyllic suburb, enviable job writing for one of the biggest magazines in the country. But he’s also a porn addict whose marriage is on the verge of collapse, and whose abilities as a father are questionable to say the least.

As he prepares for his upcoming interview with legendary adult performer Alfie B. Lee, a local murder plunges an increasingly vulnerable Lukas further into the underbelly of American life—which  happens to stretch all the way to the White House.

American. Porn Star. President. is an unflinching portraiture of the darker sides of American life and the human psyche; a satirical story permeated with humour, art, lechery and . . . miniature camels. This is a novel that’s as explosive, grotesque, absurd, and entertaining as any electoral campaign.

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Below you’ll find brief outlines and mood boards for some of my screenplays that are currently being shopped.


Feature screenplays


“Bunny Rabbits”

A tense psychological drama set in Dublin, Ireland, but which could be updated for a North American setting.

‘A young offender must attend mandatory anger management classes following his release from prison. These sessions are led by a charismatic American psychologist who, it turns out, shares a history with the troubled young man, the dark nature of which is slowly revealed as the story unfolds.

Meanwhile, our protagonist finds himself drifting towards criminal activity, unable to escape the lure of a quick deal; his path to a new start. But a fresh beginning may already be on the cards when he meets a hard-headed bar worker. The question is: can he get on top of his demons and give himself a chance to get his life back on track?’

Mood board:



“On the Count of Three”

A script that harks back to the detective crime capers of old, with a stylistic, charming touch; I like to think of it as Raymond Chandler meets The Coen Brothers meets Wes Anderson.

‘A lovable but morally questionable private investigator who’s struggling to make ends meet is tasked with tracking down a failed writer, leading him into a world of danger, drama, dogs, and Edith Piaf covers.’

Mood board:



“Let’s Talk About Sex”

A romantic comedy in the Woody Allen mould; this playful script is a study on relationships, romance, and eccentric individuals.

‘A couple who’ve found their relationship in a crisis turn to a sex therapist’s program in a bid to rescue their marriage. The husband, a well-established editor of books, is dealing with his latest client’s novel – and her capricious character. The wife, a successful fashion designer, has developed a crush on a young model. Add to this their troubles in the bedroom and you’re left with a recipe for drama, debates, and sex jokes.’

Mood board:



“Visitors for Grace”

‘A well-off family convenes on a lush estate for the imminent death of matriarch, Grace; a gathering which leads to the inevitable: plenty of family friction. Add to that a reckless enfant terrible, a failing marriage, a dysthymic wife, a frustrated doctor, and a family secret, and you’ve got a melodrama only a killjoy would want you to miss.’

Mood board:




“Like Father / Like Son” 

‘Bobby Adams arrived in Los Angeles at the age of twenty-one with big dreams of becoming an actor. Four years later—the present—he finds himself working as a barista and taking whatever odd acting jobs his irascible agent Jack Robertson can land him. When on the verge of giving up on the dream and moving home, Bobby is called by Jack who informs him of an audition for an unusual role: to play the part of the deceased son of the wealthy business-magnate Richard Watts. Only the part is to be played in real life, not in a movie. The gig pays very well, and desperate for money, Bobby decides to attend the audition. While at the audition he meets fellow-actor Wynona Wesley, who he immediately develops a crush on. Bobby lands the part, and the tumultuous weeks that follow serve to give Rob a new perspective on life, love, and Hollywood.’

Mood board:

Short Scripts


“A Significant Nothing”

A short script about human behaviour and relationships in the age of social media and increasingly invasive, ever-absorbing, frequently distracting technology.

‘An introverted doctor who lives a life removed from the hustle and bustle of the city in which he works has found it difficult to make genuine connections with people for most of his adult life. Despite being romantic at heart, he has become disconnected, resigning himself to a life on his own. But when he treats an odd, overly anxious patient, he gets that inexplicable feeling in the pit of his stomach, and he’s hopeful for the first time in a long time that he has found someone with whom he can connect.

The question is — has he found hope in a hopeless person?’


“Sea Soul”

A short version of an idea I had for a feature screenplay. Will likely be developed into a 90-minute script.

‘A disgraced former banker seeks redemption in a missing person’s case, only those closest to him plead with him to stop, not least because of his theory of what happened to the lost boy, and where he could be found… in the sea’.








The Importance of Being Polite


My short story ‘The Importance of Being Polite’ was published by Fly on the Wall Press last month (July 2019). It features in the Summer Edition of their magazine, alongside other ‘weird and wonderful’ stories and poems (Weird and Wonderful being the name of the issue!).

I wrote this one back in 2016, with the simple aim of penning something fun; a Woody Allen-esque piece of short fiction. It was partly inspired by a reading of Allen’s 1977 brilliant short ‘The Kugelmass Episode’; a purely tonal inspiration, for the subject matter of both stories is quite different (in Allen’s, a dissatisfied professor is magically transported into the classic novel Madame Bovary, where he’s able to carry out an affair unbeknownst to his overbearing wife – inspiration, no doubt, for the comedy legend’s 2011 film Midnight in Paris). When it comes to dialogue, whether I’m writing a short story or a screenplay, Allen’s been a huge influence on me.

You can purchase a digital or physical copy of the issue which now houses ‘The Importance of Being Polite’ here.

Contra – Short Film


In Contra a young man in the Irish Midlands is committed to doing whatever it takes to avoid reality following a recent tragic event. But too much escapism could render him lost for good…

My latest short film was shot in Tullamore, Co. Offaly and Dublin. Most of the filming took place at the end of November 2018, with additional scenes shot in early 2019. It’s directed by Daragh Murphy of November Seven Films, and stars Darragh O’Toole, Patrick Molloy, and Kyle Hixon.

See the trailer, and meet the crew, below:

Contra Teaser Trailer



The Contra Crew:

Darragh O’Toole (Role: Contra)


Red Rock ep 125 & 126 Conor Tyrell (played by Darragh O'Toole)
Darragh O’Toole in Red Rock (TV3)

Darragh is known to audiences at home and abroad for playing Conor Tyrell in the TV series Red Rock from 2015 to 2018. He played the leading role in the feature film South, and made appearances in the sitcom Moone Boy and the award-winning film A Date for Mad Mary. He’s also starred in a number of short films and music videos, including Sinead O’Connor’s 4th and Vine.


Patrick Molloy (Role: Thomas)


PM 8
Patrick Molloy

Patrick has worked in television, film, and stage. He had his first performance in 1990 with a Theatre company and performed with them for two years. He then went on to perform in Dublin’s Abbey Theatre. He joined the Gaiety School of acting and completed the advanced performance year focusing on the Stanislavski method. Patrick trained with the Irish Film Actors Studio and from there decided to focus his career in Film and Television, appearing in a number of television series and films including the award-winning short, Skunky Dog.


Kyle Hixon (Role: Cathal)

Kyle Shot 1
Kyle Hixon

Kyle is a recent graduate of The Lir Academy, Trinity College Dublin. He’s appeared in a number of plays, including Blackout (Lyric, Belfast), Borstal Boy (Gaiety Theatre), and In Arabia We’d All Be Kings (Some Yanks Theatre Company). Some of his theatre credits at The Lir include The Caucasian Chalk Circle, The Seagull, The Winter’s Tale, and The Ash Fire. He‘s also appeared in film, taking on roles in Bus To Dublin, Ghost Gaff, Blue Dawn, and Monged, amongst others.


Daragh Murphy (Director)

Daragh Murphy pic
Daragh Murphy

Daragh studied at the prestigious New York Film Academy before returning to Ireland and setting up his production company, November Seven Films. He has directed award-winning music videos and commercials, working with the likes of U2, HBO, Google, Facebook, and the IRFU. He’s manned projects in the U.S., India, and all over Europe.


Shane Coules (Writer)

S.J. Coules_BW_1
Shane Coules

Shane’s penned a number of short films and the feature film A Day Like Today, which has been called “a touching picture” (Dublin Inquirer), with a “thoughtfully paced, sensitive script” (Film Ireland). He’s also a published short story writer, has many other feature scripts he’s preparing to shop, and has written a novel.

Leaving Sadie


Leaving_Sadie_Final_NEW-01“Wildly charismatic and deeply funny . . . Wonderful and eccentric characters get tied up in an adventure of lost love, finding yourself and the mysterious mind of a playwright. Coules has a great gift for storytelling.”

– Ellie O’Neill, bestselling
author of Reluctantly Charmed


Henry Sears is a thirtysomething who’s found himself in the midst of a crisis: From his failing ambitions as a playwright to his floundering relationship with girlfriend Sadie Cohen, things aren’t exactly going as planned. When he decides it’s time to address the latter, he’s left both surprised and somewhat shattered.

He seeks refuge in his latest play, and in the company of bookstore-stalker Ezra Cooper and mercurial Oscar-winning actor Miller Moore, the latter who’s set to star in Henry’s play — if he’s sober enough to put a coherent sentence together.

What follows involves relationship flashbacks in the form of movie scenes, a murder plot, paranoia, dramaturgical disaster, and hopes of reconciliation.

The debut novel by screenwriter S.J. Coules (A Day Like Today) Leaving Sadie is a tale of love, family, friendship, and ambition in the 21st century; a fun and funny story that’s comparable to the works High Fidelity, Franny and Zooey, and Hannah and Her Sisters.

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