Read S.J. Coules’s new novel American. Porn Star. President. in serialized form on Substack now:

The new novel by author S.J. Coules (Leaving Sadie, A Day Like Today), released as a serial via Substack:

On the surface Lukas Lazaruk is living the American Dream: beautiful wife, brilliant child, palatial home in an idyllic suburb, enviable job writing for one of the biggest magazines in the country. But beneath this facade is a crippling porn addiction, a marriage on the verge of collapse, and a pugnacious, erratic son.

As he prepares for his upcoming interview with legendary adult performer Alfie B. Lee, a local murder plunges an increasingly vulnerable Lukas further into the underbelly of American life—which may stretch all the way to the White House.

American. Porn Star. President. is an unflinching portraiture of the darker sides of America and the human psyche; a satirical story permeated with humour, art, lechery and . . . miniature camels. A novel that is as explosive, absurd, and entertaining as any electoral campaign.