Below you’ll find loglines and moodboards for my spec screenplays, and descriptions of a couple of short scripts.

Feature screenplays

Bunny Rabbits (genre: drama)

“Following his release from prison, a young man must attend mandatory anger management classes led by a charismatic American psychologist with whom he shares a past, the dark nature of which is slowly revealed as our protagonist finds himself drifting once more towards criminal activity.”



Roomers (genre: horror)

“A grieving mother begins to lose her grip on reality as she deals with her loss and cares for her son who believes demonic spirits are responsible for her friend’s death.”



Sure Shot (genre: buddy cop)

“A journalist writing for a conservative magazine reluctantly teams up with a transgender woman in order to track down the killer of a young adult performer.”



Bad Actors (genre: comedy)

“A struggling young actor about to give up on his Hollywood dream lands the role of an eccentric media mogul’s missing son… only the part is to be played in real life.”



On the Count of Three (genre: caper/comedy)

“A lovable but morally questionable private investigator struggling to make ends meet is tasked with tracking down a missing writer, leading him into a world of danger, drama, dogs… and Edith Piaf covers.”



Let’s Talk About Sex (genre: romantic / sex comedy)

“A young couple who’ve found their relationship in crisis turn to a mysterious sex therapist’s program in a bid to rescue their marriage, but the idiosyncratic therapy may be just what the doctor didn’t order.”




Short Scripts

A Significant Nothing

A short script about human behaviour and relationships in the age of social media and increasingly invasive, ever-absorbing, frequently distracting technology.

“An introverted doctor who lives a life removed from the hustle and bustle of the city in which he works has found it difficult to make genuine connections with people for most of his adult life. Despite being romantic at heart, he has become disconnected, resigning himself to a life alone. But when he treats an odd, overly anxious patient, he gets that inexplicable feeling in the pit of his stomach, and he’s hopeful that he has found someone with whom he can connect.

The question is β€” has he found hope in a hopeless person?”

Sea Soul

A short version of an idea I had for a feature screenplay; will likely be developed into a 90-minute script.

“A disgraced former banker seeks redemption in a missing person’s case despite pushback from those closest to him — not least because of his theory of what happened to the boy and where he can be found: in the sea.”

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